Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Philippines at It's Finest...

The Philippines!

A tropical Country with fascinating landscapes, active volcanoes, splendid beaches, coral waters, tropical forests and very hospitable people..


The Republic of the Philippines is an archipelago in South East Asia composed of 7,107 islands. It is blessed with rich natural resources and miles of beautiful beaches.

The Banaue Rice Terraces (Tagalog: Hagdan-hagdang Palayan ng Banawe) are 2000-year old terraces that were carved into the mountains of Ifugao in the Philippines by ancestors of the indigenous people. The Rice Terraces are commonly referred to by Filipinos as the "Eighth Wonder of the World".
The Chocolate Hills are probably Bohol's most famous tourist attraction. They look like giant mole hills, or as some say, women's breasts, and remind us of the hills in a small child's drawing.

 Palawan is an idyllic paradise with an invitingly calm atmosphere and nature themes of tropical bliss. It is a fine getaway from the tiring daily grind of work and an ideal place to take a time out from life's pressures

  Boracay  has always been the favorite place of beach goers to go in the Philippines. This is because of the great white sand and cool waters, Boracay is the place for people looking to party. It is even considered as one of the finest beaches in the world.

Flora and Fauna of the Philippines!

AND now...

the people with great smiles..;-)